[TEMPLATE] Report a suspicious Player

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[TEMPLATE] Report a suspicious Player

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Please follow the below template when you would like people to review a player you suspect of cheating:

In-game username of the suspected player:
What do you suspect him of using?:
unedited Youtube Video Proof (or any other web alternative):
In-game Demo:
Refrag Timestamp file (so we can easily jump to suspicious highlights):

We strongly recommend having all 3 files provided: Youtube Video, Ingame demo & A refresh timestamp file.
The youtube video will give us a quick overview if we would have to look further into the demo's, and the refrag timestamp file would speed up our process of going through the demo's, as we can straight up go to each of the moments you think look most suspicious.

Note: You are not allowed to flame and/or insult any of the player(s) you are accusing of cheating/hacking, or anybody else that replies to this thread.

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